Valentine’s Day Car Related Gift Ideas

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Valentine’s Day Car Related Gift Ideas

February 11, 2022

Valentine’s day is approaching and if you are lucky enough to have a valentine you’d like to treat or even buy a car for, here at Exchange My Car we sell cars online, providing you with over 80,000 vehicles available for you to choose from. However, for those looking to purchase smaller car-related gifts for their other half, we have created a car-themed gift buying guide for that special someone in your life.

Air Fresheners

Car air fresheners are a great way to keep the inside of your car smelling fresh. Car air fresheners make a good present as they are relatively inexpensive and most people appreciate a nice smelling car. The best car air fresheners to buy your partner for valentines day are:

Car Mats 

New car mats are a great gift for those who like to keep the interior of their cars looking as good as new. The best car mats to buy your partner for Valentines Day are:

Car Care Kits

Car care kits make great gifts all year round, but a car care kit may be especially well appreciated by car enthusiasts on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for high-quality car care kits to gift your partner, here is our top picks:

A Paintwork Coating Package

Paintwork coating packages may not be a gift to unwrap on Valentine’s Day, but it is a gift for your other half to look forward to. Professional paintwork coating services really do help to keep a car’s paintwork looking pristine. If there are any marks or imperfections on a car’s paintwork, a paintwork coating package can also help to repair marks and scratches as part of the package. The best paintwork coating packages are:

  • Zircotec’s Ceramic Coating– This is a specialist package which is offered by Ziroectec, they are the UK’s leading coating specialists who use special plasma-sprayed ceramic coating to protect protect paintwork from the effects of fire, heat, wear, abrasion and corrosion.
  • VIP Detail Paintwork protection packages– VIP Detail offer a wide range of paint work protection coating packages which are: Bronze, Silver and Gold packages. You can choose the best protection package for your other half and we are sure they will appreciate the effort and thought that has been put into this gift.
  • FAW Customs ceramic coating– If you are looking to give your partner’s car highly effective ceramic coating, then look no further as FAW offer a tailored ceramic coating service which is guaranteed to last for 2 years with a warranty included.

A Car Experience Day

Car experience days are a gift for anyone who has an interest in fast cars. Here are the best UK car experience days for you and your other half to enjoy.

  • Silverstone track day– This is a package where you have the choice to drive either, a Ferrari, Aston Martin or a Formula One Single seater of you and your partner’s choice on the world famous Silverstone track, this is a gift that many people enjoy and your friends and family will definitely be envious of this amazing experience.
  • Virgin Driving Experience days– Virgin offer a wide range of car experience days which include: Supercars, race tracks, classic cars, unusual cars, off roading and even quad bikes and motorbikes. If you are looking for a unique driving experience to give your partner then Virgin is a good place to start your search.
  • Experience Days driving days– There are some great discount deals for driving experience days on experience You simply need to browse their range of driving experiences on their website to see which is the most suitable for you and your partner to enjoy.

Tickets to Motor Shows

Motor shows can be a great day out for petrol-heads or just anyone who appreciates motoring in general. Here are the best motor shows to give your other half.

  • F1 British Grand Prix 2022– This is one of the best motor shows to visit on the planet, if your partner is interested in Formula One, then this may be the best gift to give them for Valentine’s Day.
  • The London Classic Car show– This is a great gift for those who are fans of Classic Cars, being based in London, it makes it accessible to those who like to travel to London.
  • Hannover Motor Show 2022– This gift is an international gift which will make a great trip away to Germany.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our guide on the best gifts to give your car-loving partner for Valentine’s Day. We also hope you have a great Valentine’s Day whether you are celebrating with your other half or having a chilled-out day with your fellow single friends. Whatever your relationship status may be, we hope you will enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

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