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All vehicles are history checked and include an additional 30 day warranty.

Your dedicated account manager will be here to ensure you get the best deal available. Best of all - there are no fees for part exchanging your car.

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Part exchange

Our dealers will accept your old car as a deposit on the purchase of a new car

  • Sell, buy and finance in just one transaction
  • Compare multiple quotes
  • Save time, money and hassle
  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • Receive up to £1000 more for your old car

Compare part exchange quotes

If you are looking to sell your old car and know what car you want next, then we are here to take the hassle and haggling away for you. Simply enter your old vehicle's registration number above to get started. We will ask you a few questions about the car you're looking to buy and then compare quotes from over 13,000 car dealers across the UK to ensure you get the best possible deal. Saving you time, money and the hassle of calling around dealers to get a part exchange quote!

Sell your car instantly for cash

Perhaps you have already bought a new car, or simply want the cash, well we can help you with that too. By partnering with some of the UK's leading "instant car buyers" we are able to show you a quote within seconds as to what you could receive for an instant cash sale. All of our partners offer instant payment and nationwide collection of your car for no extra fee.

Get a part exchange quote for a brand new lease vehicle

If you are looking to sell your old car and replace it with a brand new one, then we can help you with that too. We have partnered with the UK's leading lease vehicle providers to ensure we offer you the best possible deals. Never seen before in the UK, you can now use your old car as a deposit for your new one and any excess cash gets paid back to you via instant bank transfer... Amazing!

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About us

Exchange My Car is the UK's online part exchange comparison platform. We help you sell your old car and find a new one at the same time.

Here at Exchange My Car, we set out with a simple aim - to make changing your vehicle easier. By partnering with thousands of car dealers and car buyers, Exchange My Car compares quotes from buyers who are willing to offer the highest part exchange value whilst matching you with a reputable dealer who is selling the new vehicle you want... It's a match made in heaven!

The best news is that our part exchange service is completely free and you will have a dedicated account manager to guide you through each stage of the selling and buying process. Get started right now and change your car the easy way.

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Frequently asked questions

What does part exchange mean?

Part exchange refers to a transaction in which part of the cost of the car you intend to buy is covered by a car that you already have in your possession. You trade in your own car as a part payment for the car you’re buying. The value of your existing car helps reduce the cost of the new car.

How does part exchange work?

When you submit your REG number and mileage of your car, we will generate two quotes for you. One is your instant cash offer, which is how much you would get for just selling your car. Next to it, we will show you your part exchange offer, which is how much you would get for your vehicle in a part exchange deal. This offer can be up to £1,000 higher than your instant cash offer and it is used to offset the price of the new car you are looking at. For example, you might trade a 2017 BMW 5 Series as part of a deal to purchase a 2021 BMW 5 Series, offsetting the cost by several thousand pounds.

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