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How it works?

Free instant van valuation

Simply enter your registration number to receive a highly competitive offer. By working with van specialists, we will always be on hand to help you get the best possible offer for your van.

A simple way to sell your van

By asking you some key questions about your van, our Smart Deal™ system automatically finds the best possible deal for you with a reputable buyer.

A quick easy way to sell my van online

With a free instant van valuation in just 30 seconds, we make things simple.
With daily collection appointments, you could have your commercial vehicle sold in as little as 24 hours. Get started today by entering your registration number.

Sell your van or commercial vehicle

Why sell your van or commercial vehicle with us?

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Sell your van to a specialist

At Exchange My Car, we work with dedicated commercial vehicle specialists who offer top valuations for vans.
Whether it's ensuring you receive the correct VAT receipt upon sale or making sure the process is quick so you can get back to work, we have it covered.

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A fleet purchasing service

If your business has a fleet of cars or vans that require resale, contact us today.
We have the ability to offer a full 'de-fleet' service, whether you have two or two thousand vehicles to sell, we can help.

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Nationwide Collection

We buy vans from all over the UK.
For your convenience our van buying partners will collect your vehicle from you at any location in the UK, whether it's at home or at your workplace.

Enter your REG to get an instant valuation

We use the latest van value technology to ensure you get the most competitive price instantly. Your van will be collected from your home and your payment will be instant - all completely FREE of charge.

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Get the best price for your van

You wouldn't buy a new van without comparing options, so why settle for less when selling your van?
By working with specialist commercial vehicle dealers and buyers, we focus on securing the highest possible price for your van.
With a quick 30 second valuation, we compare your options and match you with the most suitable buyer for your van.

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Buy my van

Get a free instant valuation in less than 30 seconds.

There's no obligation to sell and you will never deal with any “pushy” sales people.

Your van will be collected, completely free of charge.

If you have commercial vehicle finance, this can also be settled immediately during your appointment - simply speak to your account manager for more information.

The van buyer makes the instant payment via bank transfer when the van is being collected. There’s no extra charge for instant payments!

Instant payment ensures you will have cash in your bank before your vehicle taken away on the day of your appointment.

7 day price guarantee - Have peace of mind knowing that your price is secure for up to 7 days whilst you make your decision to sell.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Below, we have compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most.

It's simple, we are a platform that you can use to sell your car easily and at a competitive rate. Our Smart System searches through offers from our car buying partners and matches you with a reputable buyer who is willing to quote the highest value for your car.

Once we've matched you with the best buyer for your car, you can book an appointment with them for a free home collection from the comfort of your home.

No, Exchange My Car does not charge any fees for helping you to sell your car.

Yes, you can. The car buying partner we match you with will just need to know how much is outstanding with confirmation from your finance company so that they can pay it off on your behalf, and pay you the remaining balance.

You will need your V5 logbook in your name at your current address, current MOT certificate, all history and bills you have available, handbooks and a copy of a utility bill in your name dated within the last three months.

You will receive it via bank transfer direct from the partner buying your car.

Yes, we can help you to sell a car of any make, model, year and mileage apart from non-runners.

You need to be as accurate with your description as possible, keep a record of all bills and service history up to date, and make sure it’s clean on the day of the collection.

Yes, definitely. With imported vehicles, we may not be able to conduct an accurate evaluation on our website. When the car buying partner we match you with gets in touch with you, please let them know that your vehicle is imported.

No, unfortunately our car buying partners will only buy running cars.

If it’s a low category insurance write-off we may be able to find a buyer for your car, however it is not guaranteed.

Exchange My Car is a free matchmaking service to help you sell your car quick and easily. Our Smart System will find the best deals for you and connect you with the most suitable car buying partner.

You can read more about how we compare to other car buyers here.

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