Frequently asked questions

How does it work at Exchange My Car?

It’s simple, we are a platform that you can use to sell your car instantly, part exchange or buy & finance a car.

Our Smart System compares quotes from thousands of car dealers and buyers and matches you with a reputable dealer who is willing to quote the highest part exchange value for your car, and sells the new vehicle you want. The best part is that our part exchange service is completely free!

Does Exchange My Car charge a fee from customers?

We do not charge you any fees for helping you buy a car, arranging your part exchange, brokering finance deals such as Hire Purchase or Conditional Sale agreements.

If you choose to only sell your car through us, a refundable fee of £49.99 will be charged. Payment of this fee is required before the completion of your vehicle sale. If you lease a car through us, a fee of £199 applies. Payment of this fee is required before the order of your vehicle is in process.

Does Exchange My Car hold stock?

No, we connect our customers with reputable dealers who have agreed to our Smart Standards and stock the car that our customer wants.

How long is my quote valid for?

Your quote is valid for 7 days.

What is part exchange?

To part exchange cars, is when you trade in your car for another, by offsetting the value of the original car against the price of the new one. If the new car you’re going for has a lower value than the car you are trading in, the dealer will pay you back the remaining balance.

What is the part exchange value of my car?

To find out the part exchange value of your car, simply submit your REG number below:

What happens to my part exchange car?

We offer your car to a panel of approved dealers and find out who is willing to quote the best price for your car.

Can I part exchange a car with outstanding finance?

Yes you can. We will just need to know how much is outstanding with confirmation from your finance company and the dealer that buys your car will pay this off and pay you the remaining balance.

Can I part exchange for a cheaper car?

Yes you can, we have a panel of approved dealers who will take a car of higher value and sell you a car of lower value and pay the remaining balance back to you.

What documents do I need to part exchange?

You will need your V5 logbook in your name at your current address, current MoT certificate, all history and bills you have available, handbooks and a copy of a utility bill in your name dated within the last three months.

How do I receive the payment for the sale of my car?

You will receive it via bank transfer direct from the dealer buying your car.

Does Exchange My Car buy any car?

We have a panel of dealers that will buy any make, model, year of car apart from non-runners.

How to get the best price for my car?

You need to be as accurate with your description as possible, keep a record of all bills and service history up to date, and make sure it’s clean on the day of the inspection.

If my car is an imported one, will you still purchase it?

Yes, definitely. With imported vehicles, we will not be able to conduct an accurate evaluation on our website. However, you can get in touch with us at 01992 352040.

What can increase the value of my car?

Part exchanging the car will always attract a higher payment for your car from our panel of dealers.

My car is a non runner, will you buy it?

No, unfortunately our panel of approved dealers will only buy running cars.

My car is an insurance write-off, will you buy it?

If it’s a low category insurance write-off we may be able to find a buy for your car, however it is not guaranteed.

How do I know if I can trust the dealer?

Here at Exchange My Car, any car dealers we introduce you to have confirmed their compliance with our Smart Standards.

What is the benefit of leasing?

The main benefit of leasing is that you get to drive a new car for a low monthly payment.

What are the finance options available?

Leasing, PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), HP (Car Hire Purchase), BCH (Business Contract Hire)

What is the leasing process?

1. Choose your car

We have all major makes and models available with factory options (Could be a factory order) so you can tailor your chosen car to your own specification or simple order from stock.

2. Place the order

Once you have applied for credit and gained an approval for finance your dedicated account manager will place the order for your chosen car.

3. Sign the documents

You will be sent a number of important documents which will require you signature and then forwarded on through the leasing companies dealer portal.

4. Take delivery

Once all paperwork has been received, signed off and agreed and once your car is available for delivery (This may be a stock car which will be available quicker or a factory order built to your own specification which will take longer) we will keep you updated on the progress and the leasing company will arrange to deliver the car to you.

5. Relax and enjoy your car

Drive your new car for the term that you have chosen knowing that we are here for any concerns you may have.

6. Choose your next car

Before the end of the agreed term, we will be in touch with you in plenty of time to discuss your next car, it really is as simple as that.

What happens towards the end of the lease?

At the end of the lease, you will return the car to the lease company. As long as you have maintained the car to manufacturer standards, and there is no damage to the car, you simply walk away from this car and choose your next car.

How can I avoid charges when I return my car?

Towards the end of your lease contract, we recommend that you check over your vehicle to ensure it is returned in the best possible condition. The car needs to be returned in line with the BVRLA and your finance company’s standards agreement for a lease car which will come with your contract.

Do you have a finance calculator?

Yes we have a finance calculator which you can find at the bottom of the page of the car you’re interested in. Please note that this will only give you an indicative estimate. To find out the accurate quote for you, please get in touch.

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