How it works

1 Free car valuation

Enter the registration number of the car you’re selling so that our system can generate an instant cash offer for your car as well as compare the cost of change for your next car.

2 Find your next car

Submit the details of the car you would like next, and our Smart Deal™ System will provide you with multiple deals for you to compare and choose from.

By choosing to part exchange, you can receive up to £1000 more for your current car, but if you’re only looking to sell your car, you can do that too.


3 Arrange finance

You can use the Smart Finance Calculator available on your desired car’s page to request a quote.

4 Review

Simply give us a call at 01992 352040 or request a call back and your dedicated account manager will run through the next steps.


5 Book appointment / Test drive car

On your appointment day, you will be able to experience the car you’re looking to buy and make sure that it’s right for you before making a decision.

Please note that this is subject to COVID-19 Government regulations.

6 Close the deal

If you liked the car and you’re happy to go ahead, deal closed!


What makes us different?


The UK's first

Exchange My Car is the first online part exchange comparison platform. We help you sell your old car and find a new one at the same time.


An unbiased solution

We offer precise prices, based on our car valuation system and inspection.


A dedicated account manager

You will have a fully dedicated member of our team ensuring that you have a seamless part exchange experience.


No hidden charges

Our service is completely free of charge.


The Exchange My Car

Smart Standards™

Part exchange with confidence

Part exchange with confidence

To ensure a stress free process, you can rest assured we will complete the following checks on the car dealer we introduce you to:

A hassle and haggle free process

Dealers must declare to be honest, transparent and any haggling or sales tactics are banned.

Guaranteed part-exchange price

The dealer we introduce you to will of course need to check your part exchange vehicle over for any undeclared issues, but if your vehicle is as described, the guaranteed part-exchange price will be paid.

Covid-19 safety and compliance

All dealers must demonstrate compliance and ensure customers safety is of the utmost importance.

A full vehicle background check

We request a copy of the full vehicle background check from the dealer on your behalf which we will share with you before you see the car. This ensures no adverse accident, finance or hidden history on your new vehicle.

An accurate description

We will request information to establish that the dealer has accurately described the vehicle and that any required servicing or maintenance work has been completed.

A gleaming review score

A minimum of 4 out of 5 review scores from previous customers must be obtained before we will introduce you.

Ready to go

We ensure the vehicle your buying is ready for sale and has been prepared to the highest standards, both cosmetically and mechanically

Valeting and presentation

The dealer must also ensure that your new car is clean, presented correctly and allow you the time and freedom to inspect the car you are buying.

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