All About Pass Plus and is it Worth Doing?


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All About Pass Plus and is it Worth Doing?

Last updated on: June 10, 2024

Pass Plus is a government backed course you can take once you have passed your driving test. However, unlike when you learn how to drive you do not take a test at the end of your Pass Plus course.

Pass Plus is basically extra tuition for a new driver and it can widen the driving skills and knowledge of someone who has recently passed their driving test, or even for a car buyer who is looking to gain more confidence on the road before purchasing a car.

Most driving schools and independent driving instructors offer the pass plus course. So you can most likely do the Pass Plus course with your very own driving instructor.

How Does Pass Plus work?

Your driving instructor will take you on a day out of driving or six hours worth of driving sessions and you will do the following things:

  • Driving on a dual carriageway
  • Driving on a motorway
  • Driving in town
  • Driving in all weather conditions
  • Driving on rural roads
  • Driving at night

You will be able to do all or most of these things on your pass plus course, which usually takes around a day to complete. The things you will learn on your pass plus course will be the same as what you’ve already learned in your driving lessons, but you will be able to expand upon your knowledge whilst being guided and supervised by a driving professional.

Why Do People do Pass Plus?

New drivers or drivers who want to expand their knowledge on driving do Pass Plus because they are able to widen their driving skills whilst being accompanied by a professional driving instructor. You can only gain from doing a Pass Plus course, but other people believe they have learned enough skills from their driving tuition alone and this is also a reasonable belief.

What are the Benefits of Partaking in Pass Plus?

Once you have passed your Pass Plus course your car insurance premium may be lowered, especially if you are a new driver as this shows the car insurance company that you have voluntarily taken extra driving tuition and it shows you have an enhanced knowledge of driving, which therefore should make you a more experienced and safer driver.

Is Doing Pass Plus Essential?

No, doing Pass Plus is not essential and many drivers have passed their driving test and opted out of doing a Pass Plus course. However, it is recommended for drivers to do the Pass Plus course straight after they complete their driving test.

How Much Does Pass Plus Cost?

According to Money Supermarket, the cost of taking a Pass Plus course in the UK costs between £150 to £200, the things that vary the price depends on where you live and the demand for Pass Plus courses in your local area. It is a good idea to shop around and look for the best prices for Pass Plus in your area, but you may want to stick with the person you learned to drive with as you are already familiar with the way they teach and you will already be used to driving their car.

Is Pass Plus Just for New Drivers?

Whilst many new drivers opt to partake in a Pass Plus course, you do not have to be a brand new driver in order to be able to do a Pass Plus course. The requirements for someone who wishes to do the Pass Plus course are:

  • You will need to hold a full UK driving licence.
  • You will need to have passed your driving test in the last 12 months.

The Pass Plus course is designed to enhance the driving skills of novice drivers, but even if you have been driving for a few months on your own, you can decide to take a Pass Plus course to boost your driving knowledge and confidence on the road.

Is Pass Plus Worth Doing?

Yes, taking part in a Pass Plus test is definitely worth doing. Especially for people who are looking to expand their driving skills and knowledge. It is also fair to suggest that the Pass Plus course is reasonably priced, so you will not lose anything from doing the Pass Plus course.

Some learner drivers never experience driving on a motorway whilst they do their driving tuition, so in cases like this it is best to have your first driving experience on a motorway with a professional driving instructor.

However, it is also important to add that doing a Pass Plus course is not always necessary, some drivers feel they are confident enough to drive on all types of roads and weather conditions on their own. Whether you want to do a Pass Plus course or not is really down to your own personal preference.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our article on All about Pass Plus and is it worth doing, our final thoughts are yes, it is worth doing as long as you meet the requirements for Pass Plus and whether you are willing to dedicate six hours of your time to this driving course. For more car related blogs please visit our main blog website and stay tuned for more car blogs for car buyers and car enthusiasts!

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