Are Electric Cars Worth Purchasing in 2024


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Are Electric Cars Worth Purchasing in 2024

Last updated on: April 4, 2024

It is common knowledge that here in the UK we are going to stop selling brand new petrol and diesel cars in 2030 according to BBC News, but what we are interested in is whether they are worth purchasing in 2021? Big car manufacturers such as BMW, Vauxhall and Volkswagen have already started to make the switch to producing fully electric cars, but are we ready?

History of Electric Cars

The electric car is almost always associated with Hungarian engineer Anyos Jedlik, whilst a French physicist Gaston Plane invented the rechargeable lead-acid batteries in 1859 which is ideal for commercial use. Then Thomas Parker who is English then combined the two batteries that were invented prior in a carriage that therefore created the electric car which was assembled in London in 1884.

So you are probably wondering why we are only just about to adapt to electric cars when they have been around since 1884. The reason for the delay is that petrol and diesel cars are cheaper to produce and it is only recently that governments around the world have become more concerned about how car pollution is damaging the environment.

Why They are Being Introduced

They are being produced because pollution levels all over the globe are too high and vehicles that are run on diesel or petrol are to blame for the increase in pollution. Electric cars do not pollute the atmosphere, so they are one of the solutions that governments here in the UK and internationally are taking to try and reduce the number of carbon emissions we are producing.

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What about Hybrid?

Hybrid cars are a mix of electric and petrol/diesel. So electric can be used and then if electric runs low it can be switched to petrol/diesel, which is ideal for those who are sceptical about whether electric cars can go long distances, with a Hybrid it’s not an issue as you always have the option to switch to petrol/diesel. Hybrid cars have been popular in the last few years and it is good how it eases people into using electric transmission without the full commitment.

How Many Charging Stations are There in the UK?

According to EDF Energy there are over 42,000 charging point connectors across 15,500 charging stations in the UK. They are mainly situated in urban areas with higher population densities. However, what about those who live in rural areas? Are there enough power stations for their use? The answer is no, there are not enough charging stations in those areas and it has been a concern for those in rural communities who are looking to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Is the Range of an Electric Vehicle an Issue?

When electric vehicles were first launched to our generation a few years ago, car consumers were very disappointed with the lack of range the electric vehicles seemed to have. However, further, development has been done and the newer versions of electric vehicles have higher ranges, meaning that it can drive a slightly longer distance, although electric vehicles are still not recommended for frequent long-distance drivers.

Are They More Expensive Than Petrol/diesel Cars?

Yes, they are compared to if you were looking to buy a second-hand petrol or diesel car as many electric cars are not yet available as second-hand vehicles and the new technology and car parts that are produced to manufacture an electric car can be costly. However, Vauxhall is known for being a reasonably priced brand and they offer many electric versions of their models, so it shows electric vehicles can be affordable.

Are Electric Cars Cheaper to Run than Petrol or Diesel Cars?

In a sense, yes. This is because electric vehicles can be charged for free at car parks and service stations. Whereas you’d never get free diesel or petrol for your car at a public place. Electric cars also offer less maintenance than petrol or diesel cars and less servicing is required, which is good for those who don’t like to spend too much money on vehicle maintenance.

So, Are Electric Cars Worth Purchasing in 2021?

The answer is neither yes nor no. It really depends on where you live, your budget, what you will use your car for and whether you are personally ready to make the switch to electricity. Hybrid vehicles are also interesting and they are especially ideal for those who are willing to try electric but they are not yet ready to make the full commitment. However, in the future we will all be driving electric cars so why not be one of the first, you may enjoy it!

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