BMW 1 Series Vs Mercedes A-Class: Which one Should I Buy?

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BMW 1 Series Vs Mercedes A-Class: Which one Should I Buy?

November 17, 2021

In the battle of the luxury midsize German hatchbacks, the BMW 1 Series, and the Mercedes A-Class, you may be wondering which is best? As both cars have a rather impressive reputation, not to worry as we are here to give you our verdict.

Interior Features

Both latest versions of the cars have sleek and sophisticated interiors. However, the Mercedes A-Class interior is the most improved as the latest interior looks completely different from their previous model interiors. The A-Class interior looks futuristic as lots of chrome is used to make the interior look high class. The 1 Series interior is very nice and welcoming, but the design hasn’t changed much in recent years and maybe it is due to a switch-up in the next few years.

However, the 1 Series has all the same technological features as the A-Class. Impressively both models have a voice-activated command system, where you say “Hey BMW” or “Hey Mercedes” and you can give the car a voice command like “Hey Mercedes switch my heated seats on.” which is very cool and it shows the exclusivity of owning a car that you can literally talk to.

So, which has the best interior? Whilst it is a very close call as both interiors are packed with the latest technology and they both are comfortable in their design, the Mercedes A-Class has a slight edge because their interior looks are more aesthetically pleasing.

Exterior Features

Now we have discussed the interior of the cars, let’s talk about the exterior. Both cars look very desirable on the outside and they are exactly what you’d expect them to be. The specifications of the BMW 1 Series that are available are: SE, Sport, and M Sport and the specifications of the Mercedes A-Class are: SE, Sport, and AMG Line. These levels of specifications that BMW and Mercedes offer are pretty much the same and it gives customers the opportunity to choose a specification that suits them.

However, Mercedes also offers extra packages which are: Executive, Premium, and Premium Plus. So if you are looking for an extra special package to add to your car, then you are best to look at the A-Class.

Which is Most Practical?

The BMW has the bigger boot, but at 380 liters it is only 10 liters bigger than the Mercedes’ boot. People don’t tend to purchase these sized cars because of their boot space, but it is always handy to have enough boot space to carry shopping and luggage for occasional travel and both cars are able to do so.

In terms of rear passenger space, both cars seem to have a similar amount of space. Although the A-Class is slightly lower to the ground so it is not ideal for people who struggle with mobility as it makes it harder to get in and out of the vehicle.

It is also important to note that both cars have the average legroom and height for someone who has the height of 5”10 feet so you can fit a majority of adults in the back of either car.

In terms of practicality, the BMW 1 Series has the edge as the boot is bigger and the passenger area is slightly easier to get in and out of.

Our Verdict

Both cars are very similar and it is a very close competition between the two. It is fair to say that the latest Mercedes A-Class is the most improved model as the interior is very innovative and it is a design that we do not see very often. However, the BMW 1 Series is the better car to buy overall as it is more practical and even though the interior may not be as exciting as the Mercedes A-Class, the BMW still has all the same latest technological features, so therefore the BMW 1 Series is our overall winner.

Final Thoughts

Even though the BMW 1 Series is our overall winner, the Mercedes A-Class is still a very impressive car and it was a very close call. If you are looking to purchase or finance either of these models, visit to find out how much it could cost you in a part-exchange deal, or how much you could pay per month to own one of these vehicles.

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