Top Tips for Economical Driving and Ways to Save Fuel


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Top Tips for Economical Driving and Ways to Save Fuel

Last updated on: April 4, 2024

As you may already be aware, we are experiencing a rise in fuel prices and the majority of us are not happy about it! If you are looking for ways to drive more economically and just for ways to save money on fuel in general, look no further as we have some top tips for car owners and potential car buyers on how to save on fuel in your day to day living.

Get Your Car Serviced When Required

Getting your car serviced is vitally important, not just if you want to drive your car more economically, it’s very important for the safety and health of your car to make sure you get your car serviced when it is required. Equally, if you feel there may be an issue with the running or the general performance of your car. It is best to get your car booked in with a professional, to see if a service or maintenance is needed to get your car to be in the best condition possible.

Tip: if an amber light comes on the dash of your car and it doesn’t go away, you will need to get it checked. If the light is red, you should never drive the car with a red light on, you will have to call roadside assistance.

Stick to Speed Limits

This may seem like an obvious thing to do when you are trying to drive more economically, but it is easy to get carried away when you are driving and to not pay attention to the speed you are driving at. If you do not stick to speed limits you are breaking the law and you are also using up a lot of unnecessary fuel. So in order to not break the law and to save on fuel, you need to stick to the speed limits.

If you are unsure of the speed limits on road, it is a good idea to do some research into the UK highway code as everything you need to know about driving on the highways is included.

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Avoid Braking Harshly (when unneeded)

In some situations, harsh braking is needed, especially when it is to prevent an accident or a collision. However, constant harsh braking will do some damage to your car and it will affect the overall driving performance of your vehicle. Some people are more heavy-footed than others, so you may feel your braking may be slightly harsh and that’s ok, over time you may feel that your breaking style may become lighter with some practice.

Tip: if you drive a manual transmission car, you can go down in your gears as a way of slowing down your car, without needing to press so hard on your brakes. However, it is important to drive your car how you feel is most safe and comfortable, so our advice is only a recommendation.

Drive-in Eco Mode (if applicable)

Some modern cars have the option of driving in eco mode. This is where the performance of your car is slightly restricted so your car will drive in a more economical way. The new Vauxhall Mokka is an example of a car that allows the user to drive in eco mode. We took a Vauxhall Mokka for a drive and we were very impressed with how smooth and comfortable the car was to drive whilst in eco.

Avoid Driving with Heavy Objects in the Vehicle

If you can, it is a good idea to not leave heavy objects in your car, whilst driving as the more weight a vehicle has to carry, the more fuel the car is likely to consume. Obviously, if you are using your vehicle for commercial purposes removing heavy objects from the vehicle will not be an option, but for an everyday run around car, you will be able to drive around with no extra baggage in your car.

Keep Tyres in Good Condition

Maintaining your vehicle’s tyres in optimal condition is another crucial aspect of economical driving. Regularly checking tyre pressure and ensuring proper tread depth not only enhances fuel efficiency but also contributes to overall road safety. As part of your tyre care routine, consider utilizing a convenient solution like this mobile tyre fitting service in Edinburgh.

These services offer the convenience of professional tyre maintenance at your doorstep, sparing you the inconvenience of visiting a traditional garage.

By incorporating mobile tyre fitting into your tire care regimen, you can ensure that your tyres are in top-notch condition, promoting fuel efficiency and extending the lifespan of your vehicle’s most critical components.

Turn Down the Air Conditioning and Heat

Using air conditioning and heating your car will use up fuel. If you are able to comfortably drive without using air conditioning and heating then now is the time to turn it off. If you use infotainment features in your car such as SatNav and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can contribute to draining your fuel, this is another piece of equipment that should be switched off to save fuel.

Make one Round Trip Instead of Lots of Shorter Journeys

A warm engine is more efficient than a cold engine, which means it is best to do one continuous journey than to do lots of short trips. It may be a good idea to run errands in one go, rather than to do short trips on various days.

Consider Doing a Car Share with a Friend or Colleague

This tip may slightly contradict our rule of keeping your car light, but a car share can be beneficial as some days you will not be driving your car and using your fuel, so think of all the mileage and fuel you will be saving by car sharing with a friend or colleague. If you are concerned about the fuel costs of car sharing, you could always split fuel costs with the person you are car pooling with.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed your article on top tips for economical driving. Even though fuel prices may not be cheap at the moment, there are lots of ways that you can make sure you are cutting back on your fuel consumption. Our advice is just recommendations and it is important to make your own judgments on driving safely and efficiently and if you are in doubt you should always use the highway code for information on the road laws in the UK.

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