How to Increase Your Jeep’s Storage Capacity?

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How to Increase Your Jeep’s Storage Capacity?

First published on: April 19, 2024

Jeep storage is generally thought to be more than enough. However, for those who love adventure, the story is quite different. This becomes a problem when it comes to longer trips with family or friends or when there’s a need to move larger items.

This is particularly applicable to those who do lots of off-roading and outdoor activities such as fishing that usually require an additional pack of equipment.

Therefore, in this case, raising your Jeep’s storage volume is not only a convenience but also a necessity. This guide aims at discussing practical ideas and adjustments you can make to increase your Jeep’s storage capacity so that you have enough space for your expeditions.

Top Solutions for Increasing Storage Space

There are numerous storage solutions in the market. But let’s only focus on some of the tried and tested solutions here.

Roof Racks

Adding a roof rack to your Jeep is perhaps one of the most popular options for increasing storage capacity. These racks can easily be installed on the top of your vehicle and provide ample space for carrying larger items such as kayaks, bikes, or camping gear. They also come in various shapes and sizes to fit different models of Jeeps, making them a versatile and practical choice for storage enhancement.

Often people ask why we fit a roof rack, as we already have enough space. Well, that’s great for you if it’s all you need, but having the option to carry larger items on top of your Jeep without sacrificing interior space is always an advantage.

Take the Jeep Gladiator, for example. It has a big trunk of 35.5 cubic feet, but owners still get a roof rack. Why? Simply, it’s practical.

Here’s what one owner has to say about his Jeep Gladiator roof rack with us:

“I love the storage capacity of my Jeep Gladiator, but adding a roof rack made it even better. Now I can take my kayaks and fishing gear with me without having to stuff everything inside the car.”

So if you’re someone who loves outdoor activities or needs to carry larger items, investing in a roof rack for your Jeep can greatly increase its storage capacity without compromising on interior space.

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Cargo Box

Another option here is a cargo box. These boxes are often attached to the roof rack, providing a secure and waterproof space for keeping things like camping gear, sporting equipment or even groceries.

And what’s good about them is that they are equipped with locking systems for additional security making it a perfect option during prolonged journeys or when parking the vehicle.

Moreover, these boxes are quite easy to install and can be removed while not in use; thus, providing you with an opportunity to change between various containers for storing objects.

Rear Cargo Rack

If you’re not a fan of rooftop storage, a rear cargo rack might be the perfect alternative for you. These racks can be attached to the back of your vehicle and provide additional space for carrying items such as coolers, camping gear, or even spare tyres. Some rear cargo racks also come with built-in tables or compartments for organisation and convenience.

One major benefit of a rear cargo rack is that it doesn’t much affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle, unlike roof racks. This means you may not experience any significant changes in fuel efficiency or handling, making it a practical and efficient solution for increasing storage space.

Interior Storage Solutions

Besides exterior ones, there are also numerous interior storage options for Jeeps. Some of these examples include multipurpose seat covers with built-in pouches and sections, overhead storage units as well as trunk organisers. Such solutions work best when it comes to maintaining order for small items while on a journey.

Apart from that, there are different jeep-specific storage systems that can be installed in the back cargo area to make the best use of your space. 

Some of the examples are drawers, sliding trays or cargo nets; which could hold items like tools, recovery gear or even camping equipment securely.

Cargo Carriers

Cargo carriers, also known as hitch racks or hitch baskets. As the name suggests, these attach to the vehicle’s trailer hitch and offer ample space to transport bulky items that would otherwise take up valuable interior space. While they may not be as versatile as roof racks, their straightforward installation process and affordability make them a compelling solution for many Jeep owners.

They also come in various shapes and sizes, with some models being specifically designed to accommodate items such as coolers or bicycles.

Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Instead of the usual storage options, you can also try custom solutions that will exactly fit your needs. The advantage of custom storage solutions is that they can be customised to suit personal tastes and preferences.

If you are a photographer for instance, you may like to have a secured compartment fitted with pads for your camera equipment.

Alternatively, if surfing is your thing, the custom solution could be through designing a rack specially tailored to keep your boards.

Custom solutions can be as simple as do it yourself (DIY) projects or professionally made products which are specifically manufactured according to the dimensions and demands of your gears.

You might modify already existing storage alternatives so they fit you well; making divisions in a cargo box or creating a fitting slide-out tray under a seat meant for small things being easily accessible when necessary.

What it entails is identifying what you generally carry around and working out the best method for keeping such items within reach without trading off space or ease.

Combining general storage options with customisation would also make sense here. This maximises efficiency and ensures that everything has its own place whether it is an appliance or personal belonging.

Recommendably, what you need is a storage solution that will work for all your travels and not be extremely specific for a particular one. Hence the need to finalise custom storage solutions. As long as your Jeep has wheels on it, there shouldn’t be any limit on where you can go or what you can carry with you. 

So why not make the most of it and invest in storage solutions that best suit your needs?

Safety and Security Considerations

Although it is good to increase storage space, it is important to put safety first while selecting the storage options for your Jeep.

This should include things like weight distribution, aerodynamics and vehicle stability.

To ensure that you retain your car’s balance and do not affect handling on the road with any additional stored items in your vehicle, it is of utmost importance that this extra weight is distributed evenly across the Jeep. This needs to be understood

Make sure that you don’t tamper with your vehicle’s stability system when making modifications on its storage units. Your storage solutions need to be regularly checked and maintained so as not to pose any damage or strain on your car.

Moreover, ensure any external storage does not obstruct view or visibility when driving. This could cause accidents and may also have other consequences.

But security should be a top consideration while choosing such storages for locks or fastening them to your truck. This will help prevent theft during transportation and keep stored goods intact.

In addition, having weatherproof storage options would be a great idea if you often go off-road or have different weather conditions. They will protect all your gear from elements and continued dampness.


That’s all! We hope this guide has given you some ideas on how to maximise storage space in your Jeep. Remember that there are different options available for various needs and preferences. Consider the safety of the vehicle first when modifying it and always consult the manufacturer about any prohibitions or recommendations.

When planning, remember…

  • Firstly pack basic things such as food, water and emergency supplies.
  • Loading up gear, consider weight distribution and stability of your vehicle.
  • All storage solutions should be secure enough to avoid being stolen or damaged when driving.
  • There is an advantage in having weatherproof storage options for off-roading or diverse weather conditions.
  • Always inspect and maintain your storage solutions so as not to strain your vehicle or cause damage to it.

In this way, you can create a well-organised and efficient storage system for all your adventures in your trusty Jeep.

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