How to Keep Your Car Smelling Clean if You Smoke or Vape


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How to Keep Your Car Smelling Clean if You Smoke or Vape

Last updated on: April 4, 2024

No matter if you are a habitual smoker or an occasional one who likes to enjoy vaping every once in a while, doing it in your car is never a good idea as one of the primary consequences it can lead to is leaving a strong and weird smell behind.

If you are among such people, there have been events when you got stuck in a similar situation, and no matter how hard you might have tried, you were perhaps not able to get rid of this odor of smoke or vape from your car.

However, with the use of the most adequate and suitable techniques, you are certainly likely to solve your issue and save you from driving insane by the smell of cigarettes or vaping. To have a better understanding of these techniques, here are some of the most successful ways to get rid of smoke or vape smell from your car without having to get into much hassle.

Use Coffee Grounds

When nothing actually works, coffee beans turn out to be your savior as their strong and settling smell can help you to make your car smell better than ever. It is also why most of the cologne and perfume shops have coffee beans to help you get over all the confusing strong odors.

Not just that, coffee grounds have also been observed to be quite an efficient solution for soaking in the unwanted smell of smoke or vaping. For this, you can try to leave a small bowl of coffee beans inside your car for a day or two to get your outcome.

One thing that can enhance results even more is boiling a few cinnamon sticks and placing them in a travel mug along with the coffee beans to let the weird smoking or vaping smell go away without you having to get into much hassle or spending lots of money.

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Neutralise the Air Intake

While cleaning your car on a regular basis can actually make a huge difference, another one of the many tricks that might help you a lot in achieving your purpose is trying to take a look at the air intake of your car apart from the air conditioners.

Most of the time, the vents of your car are located near the wiper blades, and spraying a neutralising odor on this area can turn out to be really useful in getting rid of the smell of the cigarettes or vape that seems to have settled down in your car.

In order to get even better results, you can also try to continue doing this act until you find out the annoying smell is reduced. For this, you can also find special car fresheners that will make your vehicle smell refreshing and soothing.

Clean the Car Vents

Sometimes, cleaning the car vents is the best way to make your car smell nice again. Before you start, make sure to turn off your car. Next, take the vent cleaner and spray it into the car vents – including the intake opening and the vents inside the car – also found in the footwells.

Don’t forget the outside fresh air intake, which is located at the front of the windshield. By doing so, you will also prevent leaves and junk from entering your car.

Proceed to start the car and turn on the air conditioner (on full blast) with recirculation on. Proceed to spray both intakes again and let the system run for a few minutes. Afterward, turn off the AC and the recirculation.

But leave the fan on and lower the car windows. Doing so will draw in fresh air from the outside and clean out the system. Lastly, reinstall your cabin filter, and the HVA system of your car is super clean and ready to go.

Vacuum the Car Seats

You might as well try vacuuming your car seats. However, you can also take a step further into deep-cleaning your car by using carpet shampoo or something like that on your car seats. Also, you might want to use a damp cloth for the seat belts and headliners.

By using a damp cloth, you can wipe away any residue. If your car has a light headliner, you can see a buildup of beige or brown residue – especially if you have been smoking or vaping in your car for quite some time now.

The residue buildup is also because of the smoke odor. Make sure to use a damp microfiber towel to wipe away the residue without damaging the adhesive on the headliner. Because if you scrub on there or use some aggressive cleaner, it can ruin the texture.

Wipe your Car Seats

One of the first and foremost things you can do to make sure your car is free from that annoying smell of smoke or caping is to get the seats of your vehicle cleaned every once in a while. This can especially help a lot if you have been smoking or vaping in the car for years.

To properly clean your car seats and get rid of the smell, you can try out different techniques that you can find on several online platforms. If none of your DIY recipes seems to be working, you can also try to get professional help.

In addition to that, another thing you can do along with that is to wash or clean the entire interior of your car, such as floor mats and seat covers. You can simply take them out of your car and completely vacuum every nook of them.

Final Takeout

To sum it all up, nothing can be worse than having to drive a car that has a strong odor of smoke or vape inside it. For this very reason, you can try to find a number of adequate solutions that can simply help you to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your car in an effective manner. You can also seek professional help who will make sure your car smells like new if nothing seems to be working lately.

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