New Potential Changes in MOT Rules, is it Good or Bad?

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New Potential Changes in MOT Rules, is it Good or Bad?

June 3, 2022

Most of us have had our cars MOT’d, but recent news suggests some members of the government have recently been talking about changing the way we do MOT testing of vehicles. To find out more about the potential new initiative and how the change in the rules could affect you as a car owner and a car buyer, please continue reading.

Why Do We Have MOT Tests?

According to The Vass Tech, the reason why cars over three years of age need to have an annual MOT test is to make sure that the cars are in good working order and they meet the standards of vehicles which are allowed to be driven on UK roads and highways.

The mandatory MOT test first came into practice in 1960 and it has been enforced here in the UK ever since then. No changes have been made since then, so it will now be interesting to see what our current transport secretary is going to put forward and the changes in MOT testing which we are about to see.

The Top Reasons for MOT Failure

Here are the most common reasons for MOT failure, according to Watling Tyres.

  • Faulty lights
  • Tyres that do not meet the standards
  • Registration plate which doesn’t comply with the law
  • Windscreen and faulty windscreen wipers
  • Faulty suspension
  • Faulty brakes
  • Exhaust system in poor working condition

The New MOT Proposal

In May 2022, transport secretary Grant Shapps put forward plans of scrapping the annual MOT testing in favour of MOT testing to take place every two years instead of every year. This appears to be the government’s response to trying to tackle the rising living costs that we as consumers are facing here in the UK. 

So, this may be good news for those who do not like to spend money on mandatory MOTs every year, but on the other hand MOT testing is a good way to make sure the cars on the roads are safe and in good working order, so if we are going to have fewer MOT tests, will there be more dangerous cars on the road?

The Statistics

According to The Express DVSA has reported that 30% of cars on British roads failed their MOT last year. This is quite a considerable number of cars that are clearly not suitable or safe enough to be driven on our roads, but on the other hand, 70% of cars do pass their MOTs and this shows that most of the cars in the UK are in good condition and they do meet the standards and specifications of UK road safety standards.

The Response from the Public

Some car experts in the UK have suggested the new MOT potential ruling is an awful idea. They believe that most reasons for MOT failure are caused by wear and tear which suggests that a small number of vehicle owners use the MOT as their annual safety check, so if people are not going to get their annual MOT check, this leaves room for vehicles to be driven on the road that may not be in very good condition, which can therefore lead to unwanted accidents on the road.

However, the rules of vehicle servicing will not change and car owners are encouraged to get their vehicles serviced every year, so this is a good way to do vehicle checks instead of relying on an MOT test to determine whether your car is in good working order or not.

What it Will Mean for Car Owners

As we have mentioned previously, the less frequently car owners with vehicles which are over three years old will need to pay for an MOT for their vehicles, which will mean there is less expense for owning a car. So, if you are looking for ways to save money on vehicle maintenance, this new way of MOT testing will definitely work in your favour. However, this may not be an ideal move for older car owners, as MOTs are a good indicator of whether your vehicle is roadworthy or not.

The Cost of an MOT Test

According to Gov.UK, the price of an MOT test for a car which is up to eight seats is £54.85, this is the maximum fee a car owner can expect to pay for an MOT, this price also applies to motor caravans, dual-purpose vehicles and ambulances and taxis. MOT costs can slightly vary from each MOT testing centre.

The Advantages and the Disadvantage of the Change in MOT Testing

Here are some advantages and a disadvantage of the proposed change in MOT testing and how it is likely to affect you as an owner of a car that is over three years old.

The Advantages

  • Less costs are involved– The less requirement for MOT testing will mean the fewer costs you will incur for MOTs, which sounds good doesn’t it?
  • More convenient– Some people view taking their car for an MOT as a chore and some even dread it in case their car fails the MOT.

The Disadvantage

  • Less regulation- This means we will become more lenient with the vehicle standard and this may concern some car owners because, the safer the car is the better it is for all road and highway users.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our article on new potential changes in MOT rules, is it good or bad? There are definitely some advantages and disadvantages of the rule changing, but we believe as long as you are aware of a change in the rules, you as a car owner will be fine, it is just very important to be aware of any changes in driving laws.

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