Everything you Need to Know about UK Pedestrian Crossings

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Everything you Need to Know about UK Pedestrian Crossings

May 31, 2022

Here in the UK, we have a variety of crossings for pedestrians to use to safely and legally cross the road. Here is everything you need to know about UK pedestrian crossings and the different types of crossings you will expect to see.

Zebra Crossing

A Zebra Crossing is a black and white striped road marking which gives pedestrians the right to cross the road using the crossing. The official Highway Code states drivers approaching the crossing must give way when a pedestrian has moved onto a crossing. However, it also states pedestrians should remain on the curbside or pavement for their own safety until approaching vehicles have stopped. Zebra crossings are usually used on roads which are 30 miles per hour or less.

Pelican Crossing

A Pelican Crossing is a crossing that is controlled by traffic lights. Pedestrians can cross the crossing when the “green man” flashes and pedestrians can press a button and this will eventually make the traffic stop, so the pedestrian can safely cross the road or street. However, pedestrians should never cross the road when the “red man” shows, as road traffic is not required to stop in this case to let pedestrians cross the road.

Puffin Crossing

Whilst pelican crossings use flashing amber signals for drivers, puffin crossings do not do this. This means motorists won’t be tempted to drive on when people are potentially still on the road. Puffin crossings are supposed to be easier for pedestrians to use and easier for drivers too, this is because the sensors at the crossing can efficiently cancel the pedestrian demand if it detects it’s no longer needed, for instance, if a pedestrian has crossed the road without needing to wait for the green pedestrian signal.

Toucan Crossing

Toucan Crossing is called Toucan because it literally means “two-can” cross the road at the same time, meaning pedestrians and cyclists can cross the same crossing at once. You will see many Toucan crossings, particularly in urban areas and city centres, so this is a crossing to look out for when you are walking around or driving in a busy city.

Pegasus Crossing

The Pegasus Crossing is very similar to the Toucan Crossing, as pedestrians and cyclists can use this crossing, but this time horse riders can also use the crossing and horse riders even press a button to make traffic come to a halt so they and their horse can safely cross the road.

Frequently Asked Questions about UK Pedestrian Crossings

Can I park my car at a pedestrian crossing?

It is illegal to park your car on white zigzag lines near a pedestrian crossing. So you cannot legally park your car at a pedestrian crossing.

Does a pedestrian have right of way at a zebra crossing?

This is a question that many pedestrians and motorists ask. According to the official rules of the Highway Code, drivers of the road should give way to pedestrians waiting to cross and they must give way to pedestrians on a zebra crossing.

Are there cameras at pedestrian crossings?

Whilst there are no cameras typically at zebra crossings, there are sometimes cameras placed at crossings that involve traffic lights, as this can show the authorities if a driver has driven through a red light, which is completely illegal.

What will happen if I accidentally drive through a red light?

If you are caught on camera or by police driving through a red light, you will face a fine and in some cases you may receive a driving ban. You need to make sure you never take the risk of driving through a red light as it is illegal and you will put yours and other road users and pedestrians safety at risk.

What are crosswalks called in the UK?

Crosswalks as they are called in American English are known in the United Kingdom as pedestrian crossings.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found our article on everything you need to know about UK pedestrian crossings useful. Here at Exchange My Car we assist with part exchange and selling cars. If you are a road user or you are about to become a road user, it is important that you fully understand the rules of the Highway Code and how pedestrian crossings work, so you can use them safely and legally.

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