The All-New Toyota Aygo X

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The All-New Toyota Aygo X

February 25, 2022

The all-new Toyota Aygo X has been a big topic in automotive news in recent weeks, Toyota has taken the initiative of creating a buxom version of the iconic Toyota Aygo. Keep reading to find out more about the all-new Toyota Aygo X. You may even be looking to sell my car quickly, so you can consider purchasing the much talked about “The All-New Toyota Aygo X.”

History of Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo was first introduced in the car market in 2001. Toyota made the decision to release a small affordable car which is suitable for people who live in cities, as city driving was becoming more and more difficult as major cities in the world expanded in size.

The car has its origins in Japan as Toyota is one of Japan’s biggest car manufacturers and notably, the Aygo has become a popular model of car in the rest of the world. In 2009, it was reported by Car Sales Base, sales of the Toyota Aygo reached 103,252 in Europe, making 2009 the year of the highest record of sales for the Toyota Aygo.

In the earlier years of BBC’s hit shop Top Gear, the Toyota Aygo was used in a car football match to demonstrate how easy the car is to manoeuvre. For the Toyota Aygo to get this level of exposure on mainstream TV shows expert car journalists like Jeremy Clarkson believe the car is good enough to be featured on the show.

In 2019, it was announced that Toyota will no longer be manufacturing the Toyota Aygo, which means sadly, people can no longer purchase brand new Toyota Aygo. However, nether-the-less it is exciting to see what the Toyota Aygo has to offer.

The all-new Toyota Aygo X has kept the Toyota Aygo 1-litre engine, so this still makes the car an ideal car for younger drivers or just those who would prefer to drive a car with a smaller engine.

the Toyota Aygo X comes with a reversing camera in higher specifications of the car, which is something the Toyota Aygo also offered.

What’s New 

The all-new Toyota Aygo X is based on the standard Toyota Aygo, but the X version appears to be slightly chunkier in its appearance. The X has a higher driving position, so it gives a driver more of a feel of driving an SUV rather than a lower to the ground city car.

The Aygo X is also equipped with fun features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is something that some versions of the Toyota Aygo is not equipped with, so this shows the Aygo X is definitely a fun version of the Aygo.

The car also happens to have 125mm extra width, the Aygo X is vastly roomier than the Toyota Aygo in the front.

The Aygo X also gives live traffic updates to the driver, this is something that is exclusive in newer Toyota models.

There is a canvas roof opening that allows users of the car to be exposed to sunlight on sunnier days, it gives the car a half convertible vibe.

The lack of boot space was a common complaint of the Toyota Aygo for some car enthusiasts, so Toyota has worked on this issue by giving the Toyota Aygo X boot capacity of 231 litres, which happens to be 60 litres more than the original Aygo.

Is the Toyota Aygo X still a city car?

Yes, the Toyota Aygo X is still classed as a city car as it happens to be an SUV version of the city car. The car is still classed as a small car and it is very reminiscent of the Toyota Aygo in its design and appearance, as it isn’t bulky in size and the rear of the car is still very small. Some car journalists have dubbed the car as being the city car we need before we totally make the switch to electric cars.

Is the Toyota Aygo X available in Hybrid?

There has been lots of speculation about whether the Aygo X is available in Hybrid. Currently, like the Toyota Aygo, the Aygo X is available in a 1-litre engine. However, as we move towards the ban of purchasing new fuel cars, it is likely the Toyota Aygo X will be released as a hybrid or electric version in the near future.

Engines the Toyota Aygo X is available in

Currently, the Toyota Aygo X is solely available in a petrol 1-litre engine.

Available colours

 The colours the Toyota Aygo X are available in is very modern and sophisticated. The colours the car comes in are:

  • Chili Red
  • Cardamom Green
  • Juniper Blue
  • Ginger Beige

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the all-new Toyota Aygo X. Whilst Toyota have said goodbye to the Toyota Aygo, they have definitely pulled out all the stocks on the Toyota Aygo X and it is definitely reminiscent of the Toyota Aygo we all know and love.

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