The Different Types of Speed Cameras in the UK


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The Different Types of Speed Cameras in the UK

Last updated on: April 4, 2024

Here in the UK there are lots of different speed cameras and different types of speed cameras are used in various types of highways. Here is everything you need to know about the different types of speed cameras you can expect to see on British roads.

  • Gasto Speed Camera
  • Truvelo Combi Speed Camera
  • Average Speed Camera
  • SpeedCurb Speed Camera
  • REDFLEX Speed Camera

Gasto Speed Camera

The Gasto speed cameras are always situated in a permanent place. Fixed speed cameras are often situated in places where there are lots of traffic or straight roads where drivers tend to break speed limits. 

This type of speed camera is yellow and it is very recognisable, so it is unlikely that you will miss the camera as you are approaching it. You will also see distinctive white lines on the surface of the road, to show you where on the road your vehicle is being filmed.

This version of the digital speed camera has been around since 2007. The camera does not use film, so if you see a flash your car will have its image taken, as the camera will never run out of film.

Truvelo Combi Speed Camera

This type of speed camera uses piezo sensors which calculates passing vehicles speed, to determine whether a vehicle is speeding or not. Four piezo sensors are embedded into the surface of the road. 

When vehicles drive over these the time difference between the sensors accurately measures and calculates the passing vehicles speed. There are three white painted lines on the road as you approach the speed camera.

The Truvelo speed camera does not have a flash like a Gasto speed camera, so if you have been caught on camera speeding, you may not be aware of this until you get a letter to inform you of when and where you broke the speed limit.

This type of speed camera isn’t as common as the Gasto speed camera, but Truvelo Combi speed cameras are still widely used in the UK.

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Average Speed Camera

Average speed cameras are very clever as they detect the time it takes for a vehicle to travel from one camera to the other, so this will measure your average speed travelled in that time.

The camera uses infa-red sensors which can detect traffic on five different lanes of a motorway. So a Motorway is where you will find average speed cameras. The camera also cleverly films footage and scans vehicle number plates in all sorts of weather conditions, so the camera does not make errors, making the camera extremely accurate.

SpeedCurb Speed Cameras

SpeedCurb speed camera is a fixed speed camera which is used to determine the speed of vehicles in individual areas, such as busy urban streets. There are also white lines painted on the surface of the road to indicate where the filming of the vehicle will be.

The camera cleverly takes three images, two images of the vehicle and one of the number plate. These types of speed cameras are very distinctive, so you will easily be able to spot the camera before you approach the area which is being filmed.

This camera also has the capability to film two lanes of traffic at the same time, so it will film upcoming and ongoing traffic.

REDFLEX Speed Camera

The REDFLEX speed camera is a speed camera that is able to detect the speed a vehicle is going and average speed measurement. The camera can also detect the speed of vehicles in up to six lanes at a time, so this camera pretty much does everything that a sophisticated and high tech speed camera should do. 

The camera can even detect when a vehicle has gone through a red light, making this camera a must have for enforcing the rules of road safety.

Mobile Speed Cameras

Mobile speed cameras differ from all the other speed cameras we have described because a mobile speed camera travels to different areas to check the speeds motorists are travelling at. Usually mobile speed cameras are placed on police vans, and police officers will be there to pull you over if their equipment detects that you have driven over the speed limit.

What will Happen if I’m Caught Speeding by a Speed Camera?

If you are caught speeding on fixed speed cameras, your number plate will be detected and your speeding fine will be sent to the address your car is registered to. However, if you are caught speeding by a mobile speed camera you will be pulled over by a police officer and you will be issued your fine there and then, although in some cases your fine may be posted to your address.

Are Some Speed Cameras Hidden?

Speed cameras are not intended to be hidden out of a road user’s sight. However, some may argue that some speed cameras are hidden if some drivers do not spot the camera and they receive a speeding fine.

Can I Appeal a Speeding Fine?

Yes, if you feel your speeding fine is unreasonable, you can write to the department that issued you the fine within 28 days of when the fine was issued to you.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the different types of speed cameras in the UK. There are various types of speed cameras that work in similar ways. The aim of a speed camera is to make sure all drivers on British roads adhere to the speed limits. As a driver, it is important to make sure you are aware of the speed limits on the roads and to look out for speed changes whilst you are driving. As a car buyer, it is also important to purchase a car that isn’t too fast if you believe you will find it difficult to keep to the speed limits.

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