Everything you Need to Know About the Latest In-Car Technology

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Everything you Need to Know About the Latest In-Car Technology

April 26, 2022

In the last decade, in-car technology has changed considerably. For many years the only piece of infotainment was a radio or a CD player and now we can send text messages by using a button on our steering wheel. It is quite astonishing, isn’t it? If you are a car buyer or you would just like to learn more about the latest in-car technology and how it works please keep reading.

DAB Radio

DAB Radio is a relatively new piece of in-car technology, even though it has been around longer than Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Traditionally, in-car radio systems are usually FM Radios, which is the wave system the original radio system uses. A DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio digitally transmits audio to in-car infotainment systems, digital radio is meant to be of higher audio quality than the traditional FM radio, so if you are looking for your next car, you may want to see whether the car has an FM or DAB radio or maybe even both.


Bluetooth is a piece of digital technology which has been around since the 1990s. It was even on mobile phones before the wifi feature was available on phones. Bluetooth systems are also on a lot of cars that were produced in the late ’00s to the present day. We have included it in our latest in-car technology list because even though it has been around for over 20 years, it is still a feature that isn’t available in some cars, but it is available in newer cars.


This is an in-car feature that works in unison with Bluetooth technology. A hands-free system was around before Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It allows car users to be able to pair their smartphones to the Bluetooth system and users can take calls and play music via the hands-free system. Some professional drivers such as van drivers use hands-free whilst driving as it gives the opportunity to legally take work calls whilst driving, you can view deals on different van leases if you decide you’d like to upgrade your van which has a built-in hand’s free system.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

As mentioned above, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are much newer concepts than DAB radio and many cars still do not have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Many tech-savvy car drivers like to drive whilst having their Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on. These infotainment systems allow a driver to be able to listen and respond to their texts verbally, so it prevents car users from illegally picking up their phones whilst driving and texting. You can also use music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music via your car’s smart infotainment system, so you will never be bored during long car journeys if you decide to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is a useful piece of technology that enables you to be able to enter your locked car without needing to use a car key to unlock the car. This is a feature that most car users get used to using and it is ideal for those who are always in a rush.

Heated Seats

Whilst heated seats are not the latest in-car technology, they are a comfort feature that some specifications of cars still do not have. Heated seats are a must-have for some people and some people feel that they do not want to purchase a car that doesn’t have heated seats as a feature.

Massage Seats

On some modern-day cars, drivers have the option to have massage seats, to make their long journeys feel comfortable. Usually, this feature is available in executive cars and as you can imagine a lot of executives in the corporate world would enjoy this feature on their commutes from work and to meetings.

Memory Seats

If you share a car with friends or family members the driver’s seat positioning will often change to suit everyone’s heights and comfortable driving position. This can be a bit annoying, especially if you find it difficult to find your perfect positioning, as you will need to manually change the position of the seat every time you drive the car. However, if your car has memory seats it really does solve this issue. This is because memory seats are electric and they remember the preset position of your seat, so you can get the perfect positioning of your seat back within a click of a button!

Climate Control

Climate is a modern in-car feature that is designed to keep the inside of your car at the perfect temperature. This feature works similarly to air conditioning, it is a feature that makes driving comfortable and it definitely works well on a warm summer’s day. In hotter climates, climate control is definitely essential and here in the UK, it is also useful as it can also stop the inside of our cars from getting too cold.

Oliver- Tech In The Car

For all the latest car tech news and to see how tech in the car works, we recommend viewing Oliver from Tech in The Car’s YouTube videos, as they are informative and interesting to watch and he really is an in-car tech expert.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on everything you need to know about the latest in-car technology. In-car technology is always changing, evolving, and getting better so it really is interesting to see how in-car technology has improved in recent decades. Stay tuned for more car-related blogs!

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