The Safest Family Cars to Purchase this Year


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The Safest Family Cars to Purchase this Year

Last updated on: June 3, 2024

When you are about to purchase a car to be used by you and your family members, one of the first things you may be looking for is to know how safe the car is when it is to be used by your loved ones. Look no further as we have put a list together of the safest family cars to purchase this year.

Lexus NX

Blue Lexus NX

Driving Electric did a very detailed video on the 2022 version of the Lexus NX. As you can see, the Lexus NX is also available as a fully electric vehicle, so it is ideal for those who are looking for a safe, reliable and eco-friendly family SUV.

The Lexus NX SUV did very well in the latest NCAP tests, particularly in the safety assist category where it scored an amazing score of 91%. Children are very safe in the car with an impressive score of 83% in the child occupant category, and the Lexus NX also scored 83% for safety of adult occupants in the car. Overall, the car has a five-star safety rating.

As the car is an SUV, it makes it a very good family car as the more space you have in a car for children, the better. Lexus cars are known for being reliable, luxurious and high tech, so if you are looking for a good all round car which members of your family will enjoy, the Lexus NX may be the right car for you.


White BMW X5

Car Mad Dad owns his own BMW X5 and as he happens to be a ‘car mad dad’ we can see why he has chosen this amazing car to be used as his family car.

The 2022 version of the BMW X5 has been awarded a Top Safety Pick award from Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, according to This shows the BMW X5 is a very safe car as it is recognised for being a top safety pick. The BMW X5 is also spacious, so this attribute also makes it a family car with lots of potentials.

If you are looking for a family car which is full of all the latest technology and a car which is a high performer, then you may want to consider the BMW X5.

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Volkswagen Taigo 

Red Volkswagen Taigo 

Planet Car News created a detailed YouTube video regarding the features of the Volkswagen Taigo. As you can see, the car looks very modern and fashionable and there is plenty of room for family members to sit and relax in the vehicle.

The new Volkswagen Taigo is a very sturdy family car. In its appearance, the car looks like it would be a very good amour to a family because of its big structure. Volkswagen’s  Taigo SUV earned an impressive five-star safety rating in 2022 and it also scored top in the adult occupant category with an amazing score of 94%. The VW Taigo also scored 84% in the child occupant category, 71% for vulnerable road users, and lastly, 70% in safety assist. If you were to purchase a car based on its safety ratings, you would most likely choose this car.

Skoda Fabia

Grey Skoda Fabia

British YouTuber WorthReviewing did a detailed review on the Skoda Fabia, the Fabia may be a smaller sized family car, but we are certain that it has enough room for a growing family.

The Skoda Fabia is a car that has been around for a considerable amount of time. The Fabia is a small sized SUV that has done very well in recent safety tests. The results showed, the car gives child occupant protection which is rated 81% by Euro NCAP. The car also scored 85% for adult occupant protection and 70% for vulnerable road user protection. Overall, the Skoda Fabia is a very safe family car, so this is definitely a car to consider purchasing.

Toyota Yaris Cross

Blue Toyota Yaris Cross

Grace Davies shows the new Toyota Yaris Cross in her YouTube video and she dubbed it an impressive small SUV.

The Toyota Yaris Cross is a new car on the market. It is packed with all the latest technology and we are sure you will be very impressed with this car. The car is nice to look at and it is a good sized car for a family to travel comfortably in. The safety rating of the Toyota Yaris Cross is 84% for child occupant protection, pedestrian protection 78% and lastly, safety assist 81%. As you can see, the Toyota Yaris Cross scored very high in all aspects of safety testing and we believe that as the car grows in popularity, it will be known for being a very safe family car.

Volkswagen Caddy

Grey Volkswagen Caddy

The Disabled Reviewer did a review on the VW Caddy and he pointed out that it is a good car for people with disabilities to use.

The Volkswagen Caddy is a vehicle which we have mentioned previously for being a work van. However, it can also be purchased as a family vehicle as the rear of the VW Caddy can have seats, so passengers can comfortably sit in the back of the van. The Euro NCAP safety ratings of the Volkswagen Caddy are: child occupant protection is 82%, adult occupant protection is 84% and lastly, pedestrian protection is 69%. Whilst the pedestrian protection score isn’t the highest score we have seen, overall the VW Caddy is a safe car because passengers inside the vehicle will have a good standard of safety and protection in the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the safest family cars to purchase this year. We work on a we buy any car basis to help people sell their car so they can find their next family car. The cars and the van we have featured in our blog all have very high Euro NCAP ratings. However, we recommend you also do some of your own research into the safest cars for you and your family, as there may also be some other cars which have very similar safety ratings. Please stay tuned for more!

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