Top Tips for New Drivers

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Top Tips for New Drivers

October 18, 2021

Becoming a new driver is one of the most memorable and exciting experiences someone can have. However, some may wonder where to begin with when buying cars and what they need to consider when they are about to hit the road for the first time independently. Luckily we have top tips on things new drivers should consider.

Look at Smaller Sized Cars with Small Engines

Small cars with small engines are ideal for new drivers. This is because a smaller car is easier to park which is ideal for those who do not have much parking experience. A smaller engine makes the car slower, which is ideal for those who are still getting used to the basics of driving and a slower car means it is usually cheaper to insure and first-time drivers always seem to get hit with high insurance premiums so it is most cost-effective to drive a slower and smaller sized car.

Parking Aids Can Help!

There is no shame in relying on parking aids for a bit of extra help. It is always better to prevent an accident than allow it to happen and have to pay for the repercussions of the mistake. Parking aids can be front and rear sensors which is a popular choice and they are included in most modern cars. You can even go one step further by installing a reversing camera that shows you exactly what is behind your car, it is fair to say that a reversing camera really helps to prevent accidents.

A Black Box will Save you Money

Usually, when a new driver gets their first car insurance policy, they are offered a telemetry box which is commonly known as a black box that allows a car insurance company to keep an eye on the speeds you drive and the way the car is being driven. If a driver is deemed a good driver by the insurance company, they get rewarded by paying a lower insurance premium than someone without a black box would. It may seem annoying and uncool to have a black box, but think of all the money you will save and of course, it is a good idea to drive safely and to obey the legal speed limits from day one.

Avoid Driving at Peak Times if you Can

Some insurance companies advise people not to drive their cars during peak times like rush hour, this is because the more cars there are on the road at one time the more likely they are to be involved in a car accident. If you don’t need to drive during peak times then our best advice is not to, especially if you are a new driver.

‘P’ Plates are Ok!

If you feel comfortable driving around with a green ‘P’ plate on your car in the first few months of driving then that is ok. It is good to show other road users you are new in the case for instance you stall your car at traffic lights, they are less likely to get annoyed. P plates are here to give new drivers confidence and there is definitely no shame in using them when you feel you need to.

Final Thoughts

We are here to help new drivers! With over 80,000 cars available for sale and a dedicated account manager to guide you through this process. If you need any extra information feel free to visit our website and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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