What is a Saloon Car?

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What is a Saloon Car?

First published on: April 5, 2024

With so many different types of cars out there, it can be easy to get confused about what each one is and how they differ from one another. One type of car that often gets mixed up with others is the saloon car.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the saloon car meaning and how it differs from other types of cars.

What is a Saloon Car?

A saloon car, known in some countries as a sedan, is a passenger car with a specific body style. It’s characterised by having two main compartments – one for the engine and the other for passengers and cargo.

A key feature of a saloon car is its three-box design layout, comprising the engine compartment at the front, the passenger compartment in the middle, and the cargo area at the back. This design provides a clear separation between the different areas of the car, offering a comfortable and spacious interior for passengers.

Saloon cars typically have four doors, including the boot, which is a separate enclosed space for luggage. This makes saloon cars highly practical for families and individuals who need a reliable vehicle for daily use, providing a comfortable ride and sufficient space for carrying items in the boot.

Pros of a saloon car

  • Comfortable and spacious interior for passengers
  • Decent boot space for storing luggage
  • Generally good handling
  • Suitable for daily use and long-distance driving

Cons of a saloon car

  • Limited boot space compared to other types of cars (e.g. estate, SUV)
  • Saloons can sometimes be more expensive than a comparable hatchback, especially in luxury or performance-oriented trims.
  • Less practical in tight parking or city driving situations due to longer length.
  • Not as fuel-efficient as smaller car models.

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What is a Super Saloon Car?

A super saloon car takes the basic idea of a saloon or sedan and dials it up. Think of it as a saloon car that’s had a supercharge of everything – performance, luxury, and often, price. While still having the familiar two compartments for the engine and passengers, plus the cargo area in the back, super saloons stand out because they’re really fast and really comfy.

They typically have more powerful engines, which means they can go faster and give you a smoother ride. They’re also kitted out with high-end materials inside, making the inside of the car feel extra special. Super saloons are great for anyone who loves the style and practicality of a saloon car but wants something with a bit more oomph and luxury.

Models like the BMW M5, Mercedes-AMG E63, and Audi RS7 are prime examples of super saloons. 

Saloon Vs. Sedan

The terms “saloon” and “sedan” are often used interchangeably, creating some confusion about their differences. Essentially, the distinction between them is not about the car’s design or features but rather the terminology used in different regions.

In British English, the term “saloon” is commonly used to describe what is known in American English as a “sedan”.

Despite the different nomenclature, both terms refer to the same type of car—a passenger vehicle with a three-box configuration, providing separate compartments for the engine, passengers, and cargo.

Regardless of the term you prefer,  both saloon and sedan cars offer similar features and benefits, making them popular choices among car buyers.

Hatchback Vs. Saloon

hatchback car

When comparing hatchback and saloon cars, the biggest difference comes down to the design of the back. Hatchbacks have a rear door that swings upward to open, giving access to the cargo space that’s part of the same area as the passenger seats. This means you can usually fold down the back seats for more space, making hatchbacks super flexible if you need to carry a lot of stuff now and then.

Saloon cars, on the other hand, have a separate boot with a lid at the back. This gives them a sleek and traditional look but means the space for your luggage is fixed. However, many people like saloons for their classy appearance and find that the separate boot keeps their stuff secure and out of sight, which can be a plus.

In short, if you’re after more room and flexibility, a hatchback might be more up your alley. But if you prefer a car with a bit more of a classic style and a separate area for your luggage, a saloon could be the way to go. Both have their perks, so it really comes down to what you need from your car.

Coupe Vs. Saloon

coupe/sports car

When you’re eyeing the difference between a coupe and a saloon (or sedan), it boils down to a couple of key points.

First off, a coupe usually has two doors, giving it a sporty vibe, whereas a saloon has four doors, leaning more towards a family-friendly or professional look.

Inside, coupes tend to have a more snug feel, with less room in the back seats. This makes them a hit among those who rarely need the extra passenger space and prefer a car that looks and feels more dynamic.

Saloon cars, with their four doors and more spacious interior, especially in the back seat, cater to those who might need to ferry around family, friends, or colleagues. Plus, the distinct boot in a saloon car offers a dedicated space for luggage or groceries, keeping them separate from the passenger area.

If you’re after something flashy and fun that’s mainly just for you or a plus-one, a coupe might be your best bet.

On the other hand, if practicality without sacrificing style matters more to you, especially with passengers and cargo in mind, a saloon car could be the right choice.

Saloon Vs. Estate

estate car

Estate cars or station wagons are like saloons but with a big, extended back end. This gives you a whole lot more space to carry things like sports gear, big shopping trips, or anything else that needs the extra room.

Saloon cars have a separate boot, which is great for keeping your luggage safe and out of sight, but the amount of stuff you can fit in there is limited compared to an estate car. If you only need to carry a few bags or suitcases, a saloon is perfect and looks really sleek too.

On the other hand, estate cars are super practical. They are awesome for people who need to haul a lot of things regularly. And if you like the idea of a saloon but wish there was a bit more room, then an estate is a great option.

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Some of the Best Saloon Cars in The UK

When talking about some of the best saloon cars in the UK, there’s quite a list. These cars combine comfort, style, and performance, making them top choices for many drivers.

Tesla Model 3

tesla model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric car that’s more than just eco-friendly. It’s speedy, packed with high-tech features inside, and can travel up to 360 miles on just one charge. Besides being good for the environment, driving this car means you also get to enjoy its slick design and the cool factor that comes with owning a Tesla. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to zip around in something modern, efficient, and fun.

Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb is one car that lives up to its name. It gives you loads of space, so you and your passengers can stretch out and relax. Riding in this car feels smooth, making even long trips seem easy. Plus, the price is just right. You get all the fancy features you would expect from a more expensive car, but without having to spend a lot of money. It’s like getting a big, luxurious car for the price of a smaller one. Whether you’re driving to work or going on a road trip, the Skoda Superb makes every drive a pleasure.

Audi A8

Audi A8

The Audi A8 sets the bar high when it comes to luxury on the road. This car is all about giving you a smooth, comfortable ride, with an interior that makes you feel like royalty and technology that’s both fun and functional. Think of it as the equivalent of flying first class, but on wheels. You can sit back, relax in its plush seats, and enjoy a drive that’s as smooth as silk, thanks to its powerful performance. Whether you’re in the driver’s seat or kicking back as a passenger, the Audi A8 is designed to impress and deliver top-notch comfort and style.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is known for providing a fantastic driving experience, thanks to its top-notch equipment and smart design. Inside, there’s plenty of room, making it comfortable for passengers and practical for carrying luggage. Although the 3 Series looks and feels luxurious, it’s worth noting that some features you might expect to come as standard are actually optional extras, which means you might end up spending more to get it just how you want. Despite this, if you value performance and style, the BMW 3 Series could be the right choice, offering a blend of comfort, spaciousness, and driving pleasure.

Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes S-Class

The Mercedes S-Class truly represents the pinnacle of luxury. It’s the kind of car that’s not only amazing to look at with its sleek and stylish design, but it’s also incredibly comfortable to ride in. When you step inside, you’re greeted by advanced technology at every turn, making your driving experience not just easier, but more enjoyable too. Whether you’re behind the wheel or relaxing in the back, the S-Class makes sure every trip feels special. It’s an exceptional choice for anyone who loves to combine comfort with a high level of sophistication and technology.

VW Passat

VW Passat

The VW Passat stands out as a solid pick for both families and professionals looking for a reliable and spacious car. It’s designed to provide a comfortable ride, making long drives feel a lot easier. Plus, it has a quite good fuel average. Best of all, the Passat is affordable, offering great value without emptying your wallet. Whether you’re driving to work or taking the family on a road trip, the VW Passat has got you covered with its mix of comfort, efficiency, and affordability.

These saloon cars are among the best in the UK for a bunch of reasons. Whether you’re after luxury, value, or eco-friendliness, there’s something here for everyone.

Should You Buy a Saloon Car?

Deciding if a saloon car is right for you really depends on your needs and what you want from a car. Saloon cars are great if you want something that looks stylish and is comfortable for city driving or longer trips. They usually have enough room for most families and keep your stuff safe in the trunk.

On the other hand, if you find yourself often driving on rough roads or need more space for gear, pets, or big shopping trips, an SUV or estate car might be better. They have more room and can handle different kinds of roads easier. Compact cars, meanwhile, are perfect if you mostly drive in the city. They’re easier to park and usually cost less to run.

The best choice depends on where you live, how much you drive, and what you like to do. It’s a good idea to think about what’s most important to you in a car before deciding.

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