Hypermiling: What is it and How Does it Work?


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Hypermiling: What is it and How Does it Work?

Last updated on: April 4, 2024

In recent times the world has experienced an increase in fuel prices and this has caused some people to re-think their driving styles to increase fuel efficiency. We are going to take a look at Hypermiling and why people do this and does it really work?

What is Hypermiling?

Definition: Hypermiling is driving or flying a vehicle with techniques that maximise fuel efficiency, source: Wikipedia

Hypermiling is a style of driving which usually involves driving long distances with minimal braking and acceleration. Hypermiling essentially is a driving style which is all about maintaining momentum.

When Did Hypermiling Gain Prominence?

The relatively new economic driving style became popular in the US in the early 2000s when fuel prices dramatically rose. Some people may even be hypermiling without realising as hypermiling involves efforts to become more fuel-efficient.

Why Do Some People Hypermile?

Some people decide to hypermile because using less fuel makes them feel good. As we all know fuel is pretty expensive at the moment and most of us like to find ways to save on fuel. Some hypermilers will only use their car for long distances and they will take over forms of transportation such as walking, cycling or public transport for shorter distances.

Is Hypermiling all About Altering your Style of Driving?

Whilst hypermiling does consist of clever driving techniques, it is also about the length of journeys and the weight in the vehicle and sometimes the shoes you wear can even come into it!

In the UK, there is a man named Kevin Booker who has achieved three Guinness World Records for hypermiling. According to The Sun, Kevin Booker decided to partake in hypermiling as he is doing 70 mile round trips for his commute to work. This shows you can be dedicated to the act of hypermiling and it can even become a lifestyle choice for some people who love to save money on fuel.

How to Hypermile

Here are our top tips for becoming a hypermiler and how to incorporate hypermiling into your driving routine.

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Remove Excess Weight from your Vehicle

The more weight you have in or on your vehicle will mean more fuel is used because the vehicle will struggle more because of excess weight. In this case, it is best to keep your car free of heavy objects if you can. You will have to consider whether external objects on your vehicle such as a roof rack are necessary as it has a little bit of weight to them.

Removing excess weight from your vehicle may even include limiting the number of passengers who travel in your vehicle, as body weight will impact your fuel consumption, so in this case, it is best to travel alone when you can.

Avoid Stopping and Starting (if you can)

As we mentioned before, keeping momentum in the car whilst driving is important for keeping a smooth drive as stopping and starting will put a slight strain on the smoothness of your drive, but of course, in some journeys, you will have to start and stop in traffic, but it is best not to do lots of little journeys where you stop and re-start the car.

Avoid Harsh Acceleration 

If you accelerate harshly, you will be putting a strain on your car to perform quickly, so if you are gentle with your acceleration, your car will not try to use more fuel rapidly. If you drive a manual car it is best to be efficient with how you go up and down with your gears and you should try not to rev your car too much, as this will also put a strain on your car’s fuel efficiency.

Avoid Harshly Braking (when necessary)

Of course in some cases, you will need to harshly brake to avoid an accident, but in a normal driving circumstance like approaching, a roundabout it is best to anticipate stopping so you can gently break on the approach instead of harshly braking at the last minute, with hypermiling anticipation is key.

Turn Off the Air Conditioning

Using in-car features such as air conditioning can increase your car’s fuel usage, so if you are looking to save on fuel, it is best to keep the air conditioning turned off. Instead, you could open a window as this will of course not have an impact on your fuel efficiency.

Stick to Driving Slow

The slower you drive the less fuel you will use, so if you are really looking to cut back on your car’s fuel consumption, you need to stick to driving slow where you can. It is always best to stick to speed limits, so if you stick the limits and drive slow you will be abiding by the road laws which is very important.

Can you Hypermile in an Electric Car?

Yes, you can hypermile in an electric car, this is where drivers try to get the most out of their car battery range, so this may include driving in eco mode, driving long distances without stopping and turning off the aircon and the car infotainment system to save on battery usage.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found our hypermiling blog informative, anyone can hypermile and you may even be hypermiling without realising it. For more informative car blogs about the latest topics, keep your eyes peeled for more!

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