What is the Best Season to Sell My Car?


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What is the Best Season to Sell My Car?

First published on: July 3, 2023

When it comes to selling your car, timing is everything. Choosing the best season to sell your car in the UK can make all the difference between a quick sale and a long wait. Different seasons can have different effects on the demand for cars and the prices they fetch. Factors like weather, holidays, and new car releases can all impact how easily and profitably you can sell your car. 

In this post, we’ll examine the pros and cons of different seasons for selling cars in the UK. With these insights, you can make the right choices for your situation and sell your car with confidence.

Should I Sell My Car in Spring?

Spring is often considered the best season to sell your car in the UK. With the promise of warmer weather and longer days, people start to think about outdoor activities like road trips and weekend breaks. This can drive up demand for cars and create more competition among buyers. 

In addition, many people get their tax refunds around this time, giving them extra money to spend on larger purchases like cars. However, bear in mind that spring is also when many people are putting their cars up for sale, so you’ll need to make yours stand out from the crowd to get the best price.

Car in the summer with driving wondering, is the best season to sell my car?

Summer: Is This a Good Time to Sell My Car?

Summer can also be a good season for selling a car, especially if you have a convertible or sports car. People are more likely to want to buy cars that reflect the sunny weather and may be willing to pay a premium for a vehicle that matches their lifestyle. 

However, remember that summer also brings holidays and travel plans, so the market may be more competitive if people save up for vacation expenses instead of putting money towards a new car. 

Additionally, the heat and sun can be tough on cars, so you’ll need to make sure yours is in good condition and ready to handle the summer months.

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Autumn: Is This When I Should Sell My Car?

Autumn can be a decent time to sell your car in the UK, especially if it’s a high-end or luxury vehicle. With the new ‘number plates’ arrival in September, many buyers are looking for the latest models and may be more willing to buy a pre-owned car with low mileage and modern features. 

Vehicle licensing statistics show that when DVLA issues a new registration plate series, there is usually a peak in new vehicle registrations. For example, the new “72” plate was issued for the cars registered from the beginning of September 2022 to the end of February 2023.

Additionally, people often need to upgrade their cars before the colder months arrive, so there may be more demand for reliable vehicles. Just be aware that autumn can also be a time of financial strain, with back-to-school expenses and the holidays on the horizon.

Should You Sell Your Car in Winter?

Winter is usually considered the worst season to sell your car in the UK. With the cold weather, snow, and ice, driving can be more challenging and less appealing to buyers. Additionally, many people are saving money for Christmas gifts and events and may need extra funds for a new car.

However, if you sell in winter, ensure your car is in good condition and ready for the season’s challenges. Investing in winter tyres, a warm interior, and other features that make your car more comfortable and safe can give you an edge over other sellers.

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What’s the Worst Month to Sell My Car?

In many countries, including the UK, December tends to be one of the slower months for car sales. There are a few reasons behind this:

  • Holiday Period: December is traditionally a holiday season, during which many people tend to focus their spending on gifts, celebrations, and travel. As a result, potential car buyers may delay major purchases.
  • Weather Conditions: December in the UK is often characterised by cold weather, shorter daylight hours, and potentially adverse road conditions. These factors can deter potential car buyers from considering new vehicle purchases.
  • Financial Considerations: The end of the calendar year often coincides with financial considerations, which may influence consumer decisions. Some potential buyers may delay their car purchases until they have a clearer picture of their financial situation for the next year.

It’s important to note that while December tends to be slower, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the slowest month every year. Market conditions and other factors can lead to variations in sales patterns from year to year. For your best car selling experience, head on to the car buying platform that has a vast network of partners looking for cars year-round.

Looking for the best way to sell my car?

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What is the Best Way to Sell My Car?

Regardless of the season when you decide to sell your car, you should think about two things: getting the most money for your car and doing it safely and reliably. That’s why using a car selling platform is considered a good idea:

  • Access to the wide pool of reliable car buyers increases your chances of getting the best deal and finding a car buyer quickly.
  • Selling a car through a platform is often convenient and user-friendly. Everything is done for you, saving time and effort compared to traditional methods such as classified ads or local listings.
  • Sell my car platforms like Exchange My Car have a network of potential buyers who are always looking for cars that meet their specific criteria. This means your car is offered only to interested buyers actively searching for a car like yours.
  • Reputable car selling platforms have measures to ensure secure transactions and protect buyers and sellers. They may provide features like identity verification and secure payment options, which can instil trust in the transaction process.
  • Free valuation tools help determine the fair value of your car. These insights can be valuable in setting a competitive price and attracting potential buyers.

Last but not least, selling a car through a platform can save you time and money compared to traditional methods. You don’t have to deal with physical advertisements, arrange meetings with potential buyers, or negotiate prices extensively. The platform streamlines the process and facilitates communication between trusted car buyers and sellers.

Final Thoughts: Picking the Right Time to Sell Your Car

In conclusion, the best season to sell your car in the UK depends on various factors, including your target audience, the type of car you’re selling, and the current market conditions. By considering these factors and choosing the right season to sell, you can attract more buyers, sell your car more quickly, and get a better price. 

Whether you sell in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter, do your research, clean and maintain your car, and go to year-round car buying platforms like Exchange My Car instead of selling your car privately. 

With our tips, you can confidently sell your car and move on to your next driving adventure!

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