What is a Cat A, Cat B, Cat S, or Cat N write-off car


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What is a Cat A, Cat B, Cat S, or Cat N write-off car

Last updated on: April 4, 2024

What is a Write-off Car?

A car that has been written off is a car that has been deemed no longer fit to be used on the road. This may have happened because a car has been damaged in a road accident or any other type of accident. However, there are different types of write-offs and we are here to discuss the differences.

What to do if your Car is Written off?

If your car has been written off, depending on the category of write-off it is in, DVLA will instruct you on the situation and what your rights are as the owner of the vehicle. If your car has been involved in a road traffic accident and the car is written off as a result of that, then the police will also be involved and they will also be able to instruct you further.

Category A

Category A is a write-off where the outer body of the car has been majorly damaged and cannot be repaired, so this would happen in the incidence of a severe car crash or even a fire, basically, it is a car that is no longer structurally a car. In a situation like this the police will gain control of the car and you as the owner will not be able to do anything to the vehicle.

Category B

Category B is similar to category A, where a car’s condition is so bad that it can no longer be used, but in this case, some of the car parts may be able to be used. So this seems to be the less bad situation than category A, but it still leaves a car owner without a car, but as the car parts can be used on a different car it is still a more positive situation.

Category S

Category S which used to be known as category C is when a vehicle has suffered damage to the structure of the chassis, but the good news is that it can be repaired. However, the car cannot just be repaired and put back on the road, a registered inspector or engineer from the DVLA needs to inspect the vehicle to ensure that it is back to being roadworthy.

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Category N

Category N is where a vehicle has suffered damage, but it is non-structural, so it could be a roof or a panel of a car that is damaged. The good news is that the DVLA does not need to be involved and the car can just be repaired and it can be back on the road as soon as possible. Depending on the damage, you may want to look for a smash repair specialist who can fix it for you at a high standard or a cash for clunkers buyer.

What Next?

If your car has been deemed category S or above you need to request a new logbook from DVLA and the logbook will have to state that the car has been written off previously. If you have a category N the logbook doesn’t need to state that the car has been written off.

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